Medical Aid & Gap Cover

Most people are aware of the importance of having proper medical aid, however choosing the correct cover from the myriad of options available can be rather challenging. To assist individuals in making the right choices, we will determine their needs and advise on the most appropriate cover. As your personal medical aid brokers, we also assist with administrative tasks, such as claims and approvals.

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    Hospital Plans

    This basic form of medical aid usually covers all your in-hospital expenses for the duration of your stay, both in the event of an emergency and for all pre-approved procedures.

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    Gap Cover

    Due to the disparity between the approved medical aid rates and the actual fees charged by medical professionals in South Africa, we also provide Gap Cover that will make up the shortfall.

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    Comprehensive Cover

    While slightly more expensive, this type of medical aid keeps you and your family covered for everything from GP and routine specialist visits to in-hospital care.